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We (Shruti and Mohit) at Silverline aim to bridge the financial and emotional gap. We have been expats for most of our adult life. It gave us experiences, opportunities, and our current life. While we  are grateful for all of it, We have realized that all of it comes at a cost. The cost comes in many forms, but the emotional and financial costs are the ones that resonate with us the most. During each of our stints, We met a lot of people, but we hated to come back to an empty apartment that we paid through our nose to get in the first place due to the ever-increasing lack of affordable housing. We missed our parents, and family, and nothing could fill their place.

On the flip side, our parents were feeling the same. After we moved out, they were alone and had no one to share their day with. They had a lot of space in their hearts and home.

We realized that we are not alone. More and more people are facing the same emotional distress. This realization is the spark behind our business idea. Our mission is to bridge the emotional void while lowering the cost for individuals, societies, and the state. We believe in sharing is caring and, we also believe in Sharing is Curing.

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16 - Oct - 22

Meet us at the Feel Good Market and get to know more about Silverline. We bring good weather and answers to all your questions.

Introducing Silverline in Genderbeemd

29 - Nov - 22

Introducing Slverline to the Genderbeemd community.  We welcome you to walk-in presentation where we explain the project, and answer any questions you might have. Tea and Coffee is provided.

What Did Silverline Client Say?

They are new, they are energetic and they listen. They helped me find a perfect room. I was scared but it was a pleasant and hassle-free experience. With the contract in hand within 2 weeks, I am ready to start a new adventure in the Netherlands.

Thanks, Silverline!

I loved the idea and wanted to try it out for myself. I must say, I was skeptical, but it was a pleasant experience. Sharing experiences and doing activities together is awesome

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Passionate team with a focus on communication. Easy and straightforward onboarding as a host.

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    Universities denying students to come: Another level of Housing crunch

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    Fraud, Scam, and more

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