Universities denying students to come: Another level of Housing crunch

The future of a student doesn’t lie in hands of good grades or top-notch universities but rather the success rate of them getting accommodation. As a matter of housing crises, universities in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Delft, and others have recommended not to come to Nederland even if they have the top grades.

Around 26,000 students did not have accommodation in Nederland last year and many more are on their way. Internationals are forced to drop out and go back because either there is no accommodation, or the rent is too high to stay. It is not surprising why Dutch universities made headlines advising international students to not come if they don’t have a place to live.

In every city of Nederland, the housing crunch is constant. Several municipalities have tried their best in accommodating students in emergency shelters or tents but are these enough? And what if the weather goes terrible? Will students be able to focus on their studies without having a proper place to study?