Fraud & Scam

Moving to a new country comes with tons of difficulties and those difficulties tend to burden up when you are a student. A student’s life is much more than earning money and spending: they have a specific budget, loads of studies, tons of classes, and still have to survive personal life away from their home. Among all those challenges, what if they face something that makes them fear the outside world? What could be it than fraud or discrimination? Fraud has been detected as one of the severe concerns in housing crises.

Students coming here often depend on Facebook for finding houses that are undoubtedly full of scammers. A student from Iran Elnaz Vaezzadeh recently became the victim of a rental scam on arriving in Nederland for her master’s. Having her communicate online through Facebook and video calls turned out a nightmare for her. Undeniably, many students are currently here without a room and scammers see them as a weak nerve. Unfortunately, Elnaz lost her money to the scammer as the police couldn’t help her and was forced to stay in the hotel room but until when?

There is no doubt that there are many students like her who struggle to find decent accommodation in Nederland and with the shortage of housing the universities have already denied taking more admissions.